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Edge Detection with Inkscape

Inkscape is a great open source drawing tool that can be thought of as an opens source alternative to Adobe Illustrator. It is perfect for making drawings, models, flyers, and pretty much any other type of graphic design. A pretty … Continue reading

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Factory Reset Nokia Lumina 520

Reseting a Nokia Lumina 520 Windows 8 Phone is a little bit trickier than most other smart phones these days. This short guide will help you reset your Nokia Lumina 520 back to factory default settings. Remember this will delete … Continue reading

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Basic Linux Directory Structure

I was reading through some old issues of Full Circle magazine, and I ran into this very handy guide written by ArsGeek on the Linux Directory Structure from the first issue. The directory structure can be pretty overwhelming for new … Continue reading

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Running BlueJ with Oracle Java 8 in Lubuntu

BlueJ is a great IDE for learning Java. The installer on the BlueJ website works great for any debain or ubuntu based system. The launcher in BlueJ is geared toward Java 7 so if you are running Java 8 you … Continue reading

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