Find Dead Links on Your Jekyll Blog with HTML Proofer

Introduction HTML Proofer is a super handy ruby tool that helps you check your statically generated HTML for any inconsistencies. If you have a large statically generated site then it is certainly worth setting this up because as your site continues to grow it will become more and more difficult to audit the validity of your… Continue reading Find Dead Links on Your Jekyll Blog with HTML Proofer

Coursera Rails Module 2 Notes

Intro to Ruby This module goes through a general introduction to Ruby. One thing that I find interesting is how optimistic Ruby is, in the sense that everything except for false and nil is true. This is especially interesting from the perspective of comparing true and false in sqlite where sqlite stores 0 as false and 1 as true.… Continue reading Coursera Rails Module 2 Notes

Coursera Rails Module 3 Notes

I just finished the final module of this course. Overall I think it was a great course that provided a good overview of Ruby, and a thorough introduction to Rails. The next course dives into working with Databases and I am looking forward to learning more about Active Record. Some Interesting Facts Rails has only… Continue reading Coursera Rails Module 3 Notes

Become a Rails Developer

I am working through this Rails Series on Coursera to get a more structured exposure to the rails ecosystem. I find that I learn best when I have a school like structure, so even though I have been fiddling around with Rails for quite some time now I am hoping that this series will teach me some… Continue reading Become a Rails Developer

Coursera Rails Week 1 Notes

I wrote earlier about how I am taking a series on Rails Development with Coursera. Below are some of my notes from the course: Installing Rails on OS X I had RVM installed in the past, but my experience with CircleCI, conversations with eric, and the instructions in the course told me to use something else. So… Continue reading Coursera Rails Week 1 Notes

Javascript ES6

I’ve spent more time in the last few weeks learning more Javascript. This has resulted in a whole bunch of random inconsistent apps, hacks, and scripts floating around GitHub authored by me. My go to resource whenever I want to get a better idea of how something works and what “good” Javascript looks like is Todo… Continue reading Javascript ES6

Braindump Versions, Release Notes, and the Road Ahead

I have been playing with a couple different methods of versioning and release notes with Braindump. I used to do all release notes in GitHub. GitHub “Releases” are nothing more than git tags with some additional meta-data and after talking to eric one day I agree that locking myself into GitHub specific tags is not the best… Continue reading Braindump Versions, Release Notes, and the Road Ahead

My First Pip Package

I finally got around to packaging up pg2cf and I am excited to see it out in the wild on pypi. Python packaging is pretty straightforward and this makes distribution of this tool much easier for us internally. I could not have done it without this awesome python packaging guide. Using setuptools also makes a lot of other things… Continue reading My First Pip Package

pip-save NPM Style Package Management for Python

One of my favorite things about npm is how simple it makes it to manage production, testing, and development dependencies with the npm install –save command. I was browsing through the latest packages on PyPI and I came across pip-save which does basically the same thing as npm –save as a wrapper around pip. From the Project README: Currently its a… Continue reading pip-save NPM Style Package Management for Python