I have too many computers.

The other day I installed Ubuntu on my Alienware PC because I needed to get some work done and I got tired of fighting with Vagrant on Windows. Everything was perfect until I rebooted. The screen did not come back on, and I got tired of fighting with Nvidia drivers.

Next, I pulled my Mac Mini from the closet and started hacking on that. I was encrypting the hard drive, and since it was a spinny disk it took upwards of 22 hours to get it done. This made me sad. Recently, I discovered that I can be a lazy recluse in my apartment thanks to Amazon Prime Now.

In the time that it took for the Mac Mini to finish encrypting the disk, I ordered, received, configured, installed, and encrypted Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on an Intel NUC. I could not be happier with this computer. Its small, quiet, cheap and fast.

I now have a stack of computers on my desk. If I ever get around to writing an electron app, I am golden will three computers with a dedicated OS.