Using Font Awesome with Laravel

For some reason there is a whole thread on this seemingly simple tasks.

In a bootstrapped Laravel 5.4 instance the following worked for me.

Install Font Awesome with NPM

npm install font-awesome

Import font-awesome in your app.scss file

// resources/assets/sass/app.scss

// Font Awesome
@import "node_modules/font-awesome/scss/font-awesome";

Copy the fonts to public directory

Adding the following to your elixir config in the gulpfile

.copy('node_modules/font-awesome/fonts', 'public/fonts')

My complete gulpfile looks like this:

const elixir = require('laravel-elixir');


 | Elixir Asset Management
 | Elixir provides a clean, fluent API for defining some basic Gulp tasks
 | for your Laravel application. By default, we are compiling the Sass
 | file for your application as well as publishing vendor resources.

elixir((mix) => {
       .copy('node_modules/font-awesome/fonts', 'public/fonts')

Run Gulp

If you run gulp you should be able to now start using font-awesome everywhere in your app.

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