A collection of useful links.

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Resource Description
How to Read a (Non-fiction) Book Guide on getting knowledge faster.
Personal MBA Shiny MBA at a 99.99% discount.
How to Make OKRs Work Advice for startup goals.
Measure What Matters Get rid of vanity metrics in your OKRs


Resource Description Easy favicon generator.
Golden Ratio Typography Calcualtor Make your typography look amazing.
Lorem Ipsum Generator Easily add placeholder text to your design.

Software Development

Resource Description
Choose a License Great resource for understanding different types of software licenses.
Make a README Guide on what good README looks like.
Keep a CHANGELOG Guide on why you need a changelog and what a good one looks like.
The Twelve Factor App Guide on modern application architecture.
Enterprise Integration Patters Guide on enterprise architecture.
Eloquent Javascript The best resource for getting started with programming in Javascript.
How to write Idempotent Bash Scripts Be better at bash.
Regular Expressions 101 A gift to all programmers. The best way to learn, test, and debug regular expressions.
Mozilla Developer Network Excellent resource for learning web development.