Head shot of Lev Lazinskiy standing in front of a river.

Hello, my name is Lev, I am 31, live in San Francisco, and work at LaunchDarkly. Formerly at CircleCI and Linode. I am a US Navy Veteran, musician, NOVA Southeastern University Computer Science Alumni, and a huge geek. I love reading, writing, computers, music, and technology. Thank you for stopping by.

Around the Web

Here is a list of other places that you can find me around the web.

  • I write some software and put it in GitHub.
  • I am active in the CircleCI Community.
  • I am a user and supporter of freeCodeCamp, which is an excellent, 100% free, resource that will tech you how to code.
  • I used LinkedIn to build out my professional network.
  • I engage with the broader world on Twitter.
  • I am a member of the dev.to community.

External Articles

A collection of articles that I’ve written elsewhere are listed below.

Date Publication Title
October 2014 My Linux Rig My Linux Rig Interview
October 2014 Full Circle Magazine Connect to Cisco AnyConnect with OpenConnect
October 2015 CircleCI Blog Discuss CircleCI Announcement
April 2015 CircleCI Blog You Discuss, We Listen
February 2017 CircleCI Blog What is Continuous Integration
March 2017 CircleCI Blog Troubleshooting Unexplained Build Failures: The Mysterious Case of ‘Nothing Has Changed’
November 2017 CircleCI Blog Continuously Deploying Python Packages to PyPI with CircleCI
December 2017 LinkedIn Stop Using Fancy Javascript on Your Careers Page
November 2018 LaunchDarkly Blog Strategies for Testing with Feaure Flags
November 2018 LaunchDarkly Blog re:Invent Announcements that Motivate Me
December 2018 LaunchDarkly Blog Blue/Green Feature Flags: Combining Operational and Development Best Practices to Achieve Progressive Delivery
December 2018 LinkedIn Best Year of My Life

Talks and Webinars

Date Venue Link
December 2016 HeavyBit Downtime Panel at Heavybit
February 2019 LaunchDarkly How Enterprises are Adopting DevOps Webinar


This is a collection of past and present projects that I am working on or have contributed to.

My Projects

You can see a list of all the random things I’ve worked on in GitHub. The tables below represent projects that I consider noteworthy.

Active Projects
Inactive Projects
Name Description
circleci.py A python wrapper for the CircleCI API
ezBadge Making Badges for your GitHub repo has never been easier.
releases Log style release notifications using GitHub releases.
pg2cf Utility program for uploading PostgreSQL backups to Rackspace Cloud Files.
braindump A note taking application written in Python
blog My old blog engine, written in Python

Projects I’ve Contributed To

Project Description
Kanboard Open source visual task board.
Standard Notes A standard notes app with an un-standard focus on longevity, portability, and privacy.
Python Dev Guide The Python developer’s guide.
Distro Tracker Track everything in your Debian based distribution.

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