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Reading Log

Here are lists of books I’ve read over the years. I’m tired of goodreads and replaced it with this little Markdown table instead.

Around the Web

Here is a list of other places that you can find me around the web.

External Articles

A collection of articles that I’ve written elsewhere.

Date Publication Title
May 2024 Dagger Blog Dagger successfully completed SOC 2 audit
May 2024 Dagger Blog Simplifying notifications in your pipeline with Novu and Dagger
February 2024 Dagger Blog Civo Navigate North America Recap
December 2018 LinkedIn Best Year of My Life
December 2018 LaunchDarkly Blog Blue/Green Feature Flags
November 2018 LaunchDarkly Blog Strategies for Testing with Feature Flags
December 2017 LinkedIn Stop using Fancy Javascript
November 2017 CircleCI Blog (Web Archive) Continuously Deploying Python Packages to PyPI with CircleCI
March 2017 CircleCI Blog (Web Archive) Troubleshooting Unexplained Build Failures
February2017 DZone DevOps Zone (Web Archive) What is Continuous Integration?
April 2015 CircleCI Blog (Web Archive) You Discuss We Listen
October 2015 CircleCI Blog (Web Archive) Discuss CircleCI Announcement


Other places I’ve made an appearance, newest to oldest.