10 Reasons not to vote for McCain / Palin

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This is a repost from my old wordpress blog. This was a pretty good blog that I wrote and I think now is the perfect time to give this post a breath of fresh air. Just weeks before the election, we need to get as many voters away from McCain / Palin as we can.

Other than the Obvious Reasons a. They are Republican b. They are hypocrites and c. They will send this country into an age of complete chaos, destruction, and sorrow.


  1. Sarah Palin’s “Family Values” In 2006 she Ok’d denying benefits to homosexual couples, in 2006 she also stood strong defining marriage as the sole right of a man and woman. And in 2008 she vetoed a bill stating that denying rights to gays and lesbians is unconstitutional. She is basically still living in the 1950’s with the rest of Congress and Supreme Court when it comes to gay rights. This is my number one reason for being disgusted by both her and Mccain. Get the hell over yourselves! What gives you the right to anything just because you choose to love a person of the opposite sex. She says that denying right to honest, hard working citizens of this country is not unconstitutional. Just because they are gay.
  2. Sarah Palin hates the environment. She does not “believe” that global warming is caused by humans. She closed her eyes and hides in the corner and does not believe that it exists. Just because you sweep a problem under the rug does not make it not true. Oh and lets not mention the fact that her husband works for BP and she is a full supporter of destroying the beauty and peace of alaska in order to drill for oil. Conflict of interest?
  3. Complete waste of tax payers money. Sarah Palin supported the “Bridge to No where” A project that cost almost $400 million dollars and serves no purpose. Is she planning to do similar things when she gets more power in the federal government. Are we willing to accept that risk?
  4. Complete hypocrite. She preaches about the sanctity of marriage, the importance of family, and other conservative evangelical christian philosophies yet her own underage high school student daughter is pregnant. Out of wedlock. How dare she criticize homosexuality or other people in general when this is going on in her own home. Now people are saying she has great character because she is keeping the baby. Must be nice having a mother who makes governor salary and potential vice presidential salary but what about all of the other teen mothers living in poverty? What kind of message is she sending to all of these people. Do as I say not as I do?
  5. Sarah Palin hates the natural environment. Life long NRA member, kills animals at ever chance, sued the federal government for putting polar bears on the endangered species list, supports the constitutional right to bear arms (Yet does not support the constitutional right to freedom, equality, and marriage.) If we were edible she would probably gun us down as well.


  1. Is confused about where he stands when it comes to abortions. He is against abortions, supports stem cell research , wants to over turn Roe vs. Wade but keep the incest and rape exceptions. He needs to make up his mind. If it was up to Sarah Palin she would outlaw abortion all together, which would probably result in much more fucked up operations, trips to mexico, or the old fashioned wire hangar and vacuum in someone’s basement.
  2. John McCain is against civil rights, and does not believe in the African American struggle or the significance of Martin Luther King. In 1983 he voted against the MLK Holiday. Now he claims that was a mistake, but come on seriously John?
  3. He claims that the suppression and discharge of homosexuals from the military under the don’t ask don’t tell policy is working and would not tamper with it. He wants the gay marriage issue to be left to the states (which would not really do much for the cause since some of the most important rights and benefits of marriage are only acquired at the federal level) yet supports the CA proposition 8 where they have one man - one woman marriages only.
  4. Supports gay bashing. He voted NO to add sexual orientation to the list of hate crimes. So go ahead folks get some queers and some trucks and have a good old fashioned fag drag.. John McCain says its O.K!
  5. He is old as hell. We have enough old farts sitting around running our lives in the Supreme Court the last thing we need is to add another person to the raisin farm in Washington. Its time to get some new life and thinking. It is 2008 and some of the things that are going on to this day are completely unacceptable. Of course there are many more reasons to stay clear from both of these candidates. The list could go on forever and ever. The last 8 years have been some of the toughest that American’s have had to deal with, do we really want a repeat of what Bush and Dick started?

Vote NO on McCain / Palin.

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