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The year 2008 was a “bad” year.

It was a year full of bad habits. I tried to quit smoking on and off many, many, many times. This time hopefully will be the last and I will leave the addiction in 2008.

It was a year full of bad boyfriends and break ups. A truly rough one! It seems like every single person that I was involved with that year found a way to just completely mess with my emotions, life, heart, and leave me standing alone in the dust. I learned a lot of lessons in 2008 and hopefully can apply them to 2009!

It was a year full of bad motivation. It seems like I lied dormant in my room most of the year. I started to fall behind in school, completely abandoned my work out program, and was depressed for a large part of the year..

2009 gives me a lot of hope. It gives me hope that I can start fresh this year and let things happen the right way. Learn from the mistakes of 2008 and transform them into my successes of 2009.

There is a great CD out now, one of my favorites. Ultra 2009. It is amazing, and hopefully will be a sign of things to come for 2009.

I welcome 2009 with open arms and look forward to all of the adventures ahead.

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