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I woke up in Waikiki, saw the sun creeping over the mountain into our room. Aosheng is still asleep. My phone was filled with warm wishes from friends, family, and even an automated text message from the dentist office.

holding up birthday card with Hawaii sun in the

Yesterday we spent a lot of time in nature, we saw giant sea turtles laying in the sun, ate some pineapple ice cream, and enjoyed a fish tasting menu served by Michael Mina himself.

I went downstairs and drank a flat white made with Macadamia nut milk while chatting with friends and family on the phone. My mom said sweet things to me and wished me a good day. My dad read me a poem that he wrote. My sister in law and brother recorded all of my nephews singing me happy birthday. My cousin and aunt called with warm wishes. My friend Kevin asked how I was enjoying the bus in Hawaii (loving it of course).

We’ll spend some more time exploring the island today, spending time in nature, eating delicious food. This place is really paradise.

I’m so lucky.

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