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I go through highs and lows when it comes to blogging. When I first started i wrote all of the time but it was all a bunch of useless meaningless mindless information that no one cared to read.

Then I stopped, switched back and forth from blogger to wordpress several times, and now I am back at it full time. I feel that through my journey I have discovered a lot of things.

Lately I have been getting deeper into the blogging world and actually READING more blogs then writing. It is actually a very good thing. I feel that blogging is more than just senselessly spewing your thoughts into the world, there is a whole community aspect to it.

I dont know if you have heard of the term blogosphere. It basically refers to a collection of similar blogs that have the same topic. For example a few blogs about cooking would go under the cooking blogosphere, and so on.

I am kind of sad because I have absolutely no idea what my blog would go under. I write about politics sometimes, but have way better things to do than be a pundit 24/7. I write about relationships all the time but do not desire to be the next Dr. Phil. I write about news sometimes but do not want to be a news digester. I just feel like my blog is full of random crap and has no sense of direction.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe I need a mission statement or something for this blog Who knows.

Anyway, in the mean time I just wanted to point out that I have really enjoyed reading a lot of great blog lately. Keeps me entertained and inspires me to contribute to the blogging world. (Everyone in my blogroll has an awesome blog)

I have three followers now (including myself. :) It makes me happy. I will give a hug to everyone who follows me.

<3 Lev

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