Lev Lazinskiy


| poetry |
She sits alone by the
street lamp 
and wonders why the world 
left her behind. 

She thinks about 
all she was looking for 
never was 
able to find. 

No one cares 
no one sees her there 
they walk by 
drinking lattes and ice tea 

Shes trapped inside 
her own walls
and no one will 
ever set her free 

She cries out 
for the help she needs 
her cries go 
unnoticed and unheard 

They all said 
it would be this way 
it wasnt a lesson 
she had learned 

All alone in her misery 
she sits there 
and lets life pass her by 

Growing old 
with no joy to share 
she's depressed 
until she dies. 

No one came to her funeral 
no one heard 
and no one knew 

Listen to close to 
the song I sing. 
Or one day 
this might be you. 

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