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Of course no one in this city has the Regina Spektor CD. I went to two different stores and no one had it in stock. I swear that when i used to work at FYE i looked at that CD all the time and never gave it any thought. Now that I actually want to purchase it it is no where to be found. I guess thats a metaphor for life. Lol

I did however pick up greys anatomy soundtrack 1 and 3. They are always so good for some reason. Definitely some great music to listen to when you are just ready to chill out after a long day and while you are studying. I picked up an old KT Tunstall CD, i guess she was as close to regina spektor as I was going to get today. Lol Greg used to always rave about her so I will give her a shot.

Last but not least just to spice things up a little bit I also picked up Kanye Wests Graduation album, i guess its his last real hip hop album. The rest of his music is going to be sad and mopy and using that fake electronic voice. Whatever.

As usual the dance section was pathetic and had nothing that I would want to listen to on there.

Now I am going to eat some dinner, finish up my laundry, listen to all my new music, study, and try to relax. One day at a time. This evening has been better but I don’t want to jinx myself.

Tomorrow i start the new job at the coffee shop so I am looking forward on making a good impression!

The thing that sucks the most about this part is that every single thing in the world reminds of you of the person that you have lost. Even stupid insignificant things, but all of them are equally heartbreaking. Like i said three times today, I cant wait for this part to be over.

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