Beware of Google Profits, it is a scam!

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Beware of Google Toolkit / Google Profits

I have no clue why I thought this was a good idea, but I was very close to losing a whole lot of money. We are all in a recession and I know that everyone is looking for a way to get a little bit of extra money.

But trust me, from my own experience, “working from home” online is not the solution. The only thing that this will accomplish is a lot of headaches, spam, and phone calls.

This company says that you can make THOUSANDS of dollars a month, and its only going to cost you $1.84 to ship a CD out and find out how.

Sure why not, sounds simple enough. I should know better I have been the victim of these scams before but the fact that they had a fake endorsement from news agencies and a touching heartfelt testimonial made the whole thing seem so real. I let my greed, and desperation get the best of me.

After giving them all of my information that is when it hit me… “maybe I should have googled this first to see if its legit?” As soon as I did I found tons of information about people who were screwed over by this program and how it is nothing but a huge scam.


But here is the kicker, after reading the TOS I realized that they were about to pull out a couple of hundred dollars from my bank account in the first month… I immediately called and cancelled and after being oh hold for hours!!! I finally got through and got to an agent who cancelled my account.

It took so much work, and the worst part is … they automatically enrolled me into this other program that is going to charge me $7.71 a month unless I cancel. The problem is that the phone number on there does not work at all. I have been calling all week and nothing.

So I did the next best thing, cancelled the card that I used in order to make this happen. Thank goodness it was not my primary bank account otherwise that would have been a mess to deal with.

Lesson learned

  1. Never try to make money online, it does not work, there is no secret.


  3. Relax, there is more to enjoy in life than a little bit of money.

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