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I was reading through some of the latest blogs of note and there was some really good stuff on there. I think that every blogger hsa dreams sometimes of being a blog of note. The attention, the huge audience increase, the limelight. :)

I got to thinking I wonder where all the blogs from blog of note are now. It started in January 2001 and for eight years has highlighted some of the best blogs out there. The following segment is going to take a look and see where the blogs from blog of note are today. It will be a monthly Recap from January 2001 all the way to Today! Did they rise to the top of the blogosphere? Or crumble under their own brilliance? (Dramatic Effects etc.. )

January 2001

I was surprised to see that out of all the blogs from Januray 2001, only one of them is still up on a server but has not been written in since 2002. The only one that is left, Love The Wife , only has two posts up and you cannot go anywhere else. It is interesting to see the early days of blogging a lot has changed since then. No followers, no blogrolls, no statistics, categories, no comments.

February 2001

Februrary had a much higher number of blogs of note than january. Medical PocketPC Is still up and running as a Medical Pocket PC Reference website with all sorts of information about software than can be used in the medical field. It is interesting to me because back in 2001 PocketPC’s were not that popular, definantly underutilized. I am sure that if I scowered through the archives I would find all sorts of legacy technology. I am actually going to hang on to this website because it may come in handy in my own medical career. (See what happens when you do a little bit of digging. There is a reason behind the madness)

Urban Rainforest , Now Electrolicious. Has become a members only private blog. The author has been writing for over a decade and now is interested in a smaller audience. I guess that means she made it in the blogging world where she can afford to only have registered members read her material. She even had a book published in 2007 (Offbeat Bride). Right on! A shame though, I wish I could see what she had to say.

digital literacy-tidwell Does not seem very fair to be a blog of note. The author only had a handfull of posts and stopped writing shortly after receiving this honor. I guess back then it just did not mean as much.

I am actually kind of excited because Girl Hacker’s Random Log is still alive and kicking and has been for all of these years. The home page even advertises “Almost Daily since ‘99” It is great to see a blog survive for over 10 years! I cannot wait to dig through and see what she had to say and how she has stayed afloat for so long. I also like the fact that this blog is in the classic blog format that was full of links. I feel like we have strayed away from that in recent years.

Music at work kept on going until 2004, but I am unable to find an archive and was not very impressed with the content that was on there.

Puffin-a-go-go is actually a pretty entertaining little blog. The bottom of the page has archives all the way until 2009, but when you click on them it takes you to a different blog. not sure if they are related. This blog of note stopped writing in 2002.

Real Joe was actually a really great blog, he wrote regularly until 2005 and has been dormant since then.

Full frontal nerdity is still alive and kicking but the archives only go back to 2005, so I am not even sure if it is the same blog.

Vodb is also still alive and has been since 2001, the only problem it is not in english so I am unable to decide if it is a good blog of not. :p

There is actually a really creepy blog… called “World ends at 9 … Pictures at 11. " It is no longer on the server but just think about it. This was written in February 2001, 9/11 was September. Could this have been a pre-cursor to the terrorsits attacks an no one even recognized it?

Elearning post - Still going strong after all of these years.

That is all that is still alive from February. Out of 27 blogs of note, only 10 still remain in existence. Very interesting. Another interesting thing is that some of the blogs of note were specific blog entries, or websites other than blogger. It seems to me that most (if not all of the blogs of note today are from blogger websites.)

Thank you for reading! Share your thoughts with me on mastodon or via email.

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