Braindump Versions, Release Notes, and the Road Ahead

I have been playing with a couple different methods of versioning and release notes with Braindump. I used to do all release notes in GitHub. GitHub “Releases” are nothing more than git tags with some additional meta-data and after talking to eric one day I agree that locking myself into GitHub specific tags is not the best idea. Then I started to add release notes on my blog and just link to it from the GitHub tag, this worked ok but you may have noticed that I blogged about version 0.3.0 yesterday and then released versions 0.3.1, 0.3.2, 0.3.3, and 0.3.4 today. I think I finally came up with a solution that makes the most sense to me.

Braindump is using semver, so the scheme is MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. So going forward, I will create release notes only for MAJOR and MINOR versions.

With the new Docker deployments I am creating two types of containers.

  1. latest which refers to the latest commit on master
  2. stable which refers to the latest git tag

I also have created some milestones and put every current issue into a milestone. Patch versions are now milestones and they will come and go quickly. Major and Minor versions are going to be more long running milestones. The Ice Box is where dreams to go ~die~ come true some day. will always be running the latest patch version, or stable. I hope this new methodology will provide some better structure and clarity for this project.

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