Complaints about Windows 7

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Honestly to my surprise there are not many. I got the wireless card situations fixed and now I am enjoying using this computer. It is nice to have three computers. A lot of people ask why the hell does anyone need three computers in a 1 br apartment. But you would be surprised how many uses you can find for them.

My only real complaint so far is minor but still serious. I hate how windows holds your hand. Every time you try to do anything other then surf the web it asks if you are sure.

I understand there are certain situation in which the every day user can cause some serious damage by clicking on something or opening a file that should not be opened. But those are few and far between and I really wish that – they would just let you use your computer. I always feel like big brother is watching me.

I guess it does not bother most people – but after using Linux for all these years where you can do whatever the hell you want. It is just strange.

I give kudos to windows for widows 7, I do not regret getting it, and I have not yet had a moment where I just said “fuck it, im going to install ubuntu.” :)

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