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Converting MOV to AVI

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I am trying to convert MOV to AVI in Ubuntu. I have always had trouble trying to convert any files under any operating system and unfortunately Ubuntu is no different. For some ungodly reason my Casio Camera creates MOV files which seem to be incompatible with any type of video editing software.

I am trying to take Avidemux (GTK+) Out for a spin and am unable to because the MOV files loose the quality of sound.

I stumbled upon a website called media-convert.com It worked fast, and efficiently, but the end result was not the best. the video was very choppy and definitely not salvageable. Maybe I was doing something wrong with the options but I was not impressed. Now I am trying to use a program called winFF which is a GUI for the powerful videoconverter FFmpeg. I hope that I get better results. It seems to be taking a while but I don’t mind the wait as long as I get decent quality out of it.

If all else fails I may have to just buy a camera that does not pump out these retarded MOV files. :(

EDIT: So after doing the conversion I opened the file with Totem Movie Player and it was still very choppy. I tried to open it with the more reliable mplayer and it was slow as dirt. Hmm.. no luck yet. :(

EDITX2: SUCCESS :) Okay so I opened the file with avidemux and the video was once again working but no sound. I changed the output device to pulse audio from ALSA. You can do this in the preferences. I wonder if this was the main problem to begin with. Anywho after I edit the movie I am going to export it and see how well it will run on the other movie players.

EDIT 3: Last One I promise :) Definantly NEED to conver to AVI I tried to play the MOV again and it was all kinds of jacked up.. :D

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