Daily News Digest : Palin, Military Health, and Senator Sessions

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Yes I read the paper, and this is what I think.

In case you missed it the following made the back pages of the newspaper and struck my nerve enough for me to jot down notes in my book while I was taking care of a patient this morning.

  1. Sarah Palin opened her mouth again, I mean - she has endorsed candidates. Supposedly this woman is rounding up “Grizzly Mammas” or something like that as the foundation of the women of the republican party. She is running around the county giving endorsements. What I don’t understand is what has this woman done in order to deserve such recognition? What has she actually accomplished?

I heard on the radio, that is is important to keep in mind when listening to any word that Palin says that she is getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per appearance. This simply baffles me. I would love for someone to explain to me exactly what she has done to deserve such high honors. She quit her job half way through, and its amazing to me that she is still in the public eye. This is one of the most ignorant, clueless women in the country and she still maintains a position in the news? This all just seems like one big joke to me - but the sad part is this is actually happening, people are actually listening to what she has to say, and it is having some sort of effect.

  1. Defense Secretary Gates wants to decrease health and pay for military members and retirees, but wants to increase spending on jet engines. What is a jet if you do not have anyone to man it? What is a military, where is unit cohesion, and how can you grow leadership if everyone does four years and gets out. Its hard enough to keep good people in past their first enlistment, but now they want to cut benefits? He has even suggested raising premiums for retiree health insurance. Next thing you know Tricare is going to be owned by Kaiser, being in the military is going to be considered a “pre existing condition"and everyone is going to be denied coverage.

  2. This last piece really struck my nerves. Senator Sessions slammed Kagen for restricting recruiting at Harvard due to Dont Ask Dont Tell during a time of war, calling that unpatriotic, and “breaking the law.” Now my question is - wouldn’t that make Sessions the same type of criminal by SUPPORTING DADT during a time of war? And preventing new recruits from coming in based on this disgustingly discriminatory policy? At least Kagen was defending equality, justice, and civil rights. Sessions and all of his good ol’ boys are simply propagating an out dated, ignorant, and bigoted policy.

Those are my two cents.

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