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First off, I want to apologize for wasting three blog posts on that bozo from Pravda.Ru. I cant believe I wasted my whole day worrying about the things he was saying when I know deep in my heart that he is a complete idiot.

All of this commotion has distracted me from the mission ahead!

Cynthia McKinney’s plan to create a Department of Peace is amazing! I don’t know why Americans have never thought of this before. It seems like by not having a Department of Peace we can not allow true peace to exist. There is the Department of Defense, Agriculture, Education.. etc but why not peace? Perhaps this is the missing link that we have been going without all along?

There has actually been a campaign to create a Department of Peace for a long time. But of course with the war mongering Republicans and the undecided Democrats have been unable to come up with a working model. I think Cynthia McKinney is on the right track with this program.

She claims that the Department of State is perfect to be converted into the Department of Peace. According to McKinney “The Department of Peace is important because we need to send a message to the world that there has been a shift in the priorities and fundamentals of our country.” She goes on to say that instead of transferring weapons to underdeveloped countries we should be transferring books, teachers, farming equipment, etc. It’s brilliant why isn’t this on the Agenda of the big two? Cynthia McKinney is brilliant with this program. She is the real change that we need to see in America and the World.

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