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I was supposed to get TV installed this weekend, I woke up nice and early on saturday morning in order to get the whole thing started. I get a call around nine oclock and the guy was waiting for me downstairs.

He had a thick accent, but had a good general air around him. Intitlaly I was not very happy with the whole situation. When he got there he informed me that despite Directv’s Claim of “freE” installation there would be a $75 charge because apparently screwing the dish into the balcony railing is not considered “standard” This was one of those cases where I used my quick wit and charm to get potentially free stuff. I told him that I did not like this type of business practice. I told him that when I called they claimed it would be free so I was not willing to pay anything. I asked him to leave. Before I continue this story, let me just make one quick comment. Everyone has a price, everyone is negotible, everyone will eventually break. AND if you keep on trying, and if you are not unreasonable, and if you play it cool then you can get whatever you want in life for free/reduced rate. He quickly said “It’s ok, I do for you, no problem. They crooks. " I offered him a smoke and some coffee, and he got to work.

I had to go to Radio Shack to get a cable that molded in between the balcony and the screen door. It was a really bad day out, the rain was starting to come down and turning into snow and the road was wet and slippery. I was afraid that at any moment I would go tumbling into the guard rail or a tree somewhere and that would be the end of my DirecTV adventures.

I get home and right when I get into the elveator he calls me and says that he cannot get a signal. There was a big chunk of the building directly int he sight of the dish.

This is the second time in life where I was not able to get Satellite TV. When I was younger and we were trying to get it, there was a huge tree in the way. Now a building. I am pretty much giving up hope of ever getting sattelite unless I live on a 10 acre lot with no trees, and I do not forsee that happening any time soon.

Oh well, comcast it is.

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