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I just got a new Macbook Pro since running Atom and Chrome on a Macbook Air was apparently too much for it to handle as it would OOM periodically.

In any case, this provided me the opportunity to go through the dance of installing all of the software and utilities that I cannot live without.

Two immediately come to mind, and this time rather than just installing them and thinking “wow, I am so lucky these exist”, I installed them and chipped in a few bucks as a donation to both projects.

These projects are iTerm2, which is in my opinion the best terminal emulator ever made, and Spectacle, which allows you to tile windows in OS X. I use both of these tools all day long and I am grateful that they exist.

If you have the means, next time you install an open source tool that you cannot live without, I would encourage you to chip in a few bucks to say thanks.

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