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I picked up Serj Tankians album some time ago when I was working at a music store. I have actually not had a chance to listen to it at all. Until today. If you don’t know who this is, he is the lead singer of one of my favorite metal bands of all time System of a Down. He has recently decided to try solo career. I am not exactly sure what happened with the group but I was both surprised and excited to see that this cd was out.

As usual I was not disappointed. It was more of the same style of music that I have come to expect from Serj. The music is always good but what is more is the lyrics. Serj has a way to take any word in the world and make it sound beautiful. I envy his talent with a pen. Everything he says just makes so much sense.

One of my favorite songs on this album is one called “Sky Is Over” It utilizes a wonderful piano and hard hitting metal to make a very interesting classical/metal fusion. I just cant get enough of it I am loving this new piano sound. I swear you can add piano to anything and make it sound great. If you like system of a down then I am sure that You will enjoy this album. If not I still highly recommend it.

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