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As we all know today is election day, and I hope to see some great results at the conclusion of this event. The political landscape in this nation is in great turmoil right now. I hope that the people of this country will come to their senses and make the correct decisions.

Washington post has a great website out that allows you to get the big picture of the political landscape, and keep track of the race.


Although we all may have different views and opinions, racism , homophobia, and bigotry have no place in the American government. Unfortunately many member of the opposition do not feel the same way, and picture an “ideal” America where everyone is a white straight christian.

I don’t know about you, but I like the fact that United States has diversity. I don’t want to live in the America that political commentators on the right wing portray to us. So please get out there, and exercise your right to vote, because people who do not vote - have no right to complain. Let’s stop the Tea Party Express right in their tracks. Do we really want to go back to this?

One of my favorite radio show hosts Randi Rhodes said yesterday (regarding the John Stewart Rally) “I am glad to see that 250,000 Americans can get together without displaying a single swastika.”


This is true, we have a responsibility to show the rest of the world and all citizens of this great country that ignorant fascist bigots are the exception and not the rule.

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