Electoral College and Clueless Voters

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I asked several people at work today how many candidates were running in this years election. Naturally being the misinformed average americans they answered two.

When I told them about all of the other candidates that were running for the election they looked at me like I was from outer space. These people had no idea that the Green or Libertarian Parties existed let alone had candidates in this years election. I partially blame the media for only focusing on the big two and leaving everyone else out in the dark. Also I partially blame the people themselves. For not taking the initiative to learn the American system of government, electoral process, and therefore remain ignorant to the world around them.

One of the people’s defense was “I don’t know anything about politics” well then I posed the question that if you don’t know anything about politics how can we trust you to make an informed decision about who the next president of our country should be. After digging even deeper into these peoples intellectual capabilities I was appalled.

I asked if they knew what the electoral college was. 4 out of 5 people said no. When I went on to explain to them that the electoral college was a system put into place by the creators of this country because they did not feel like the average american was in any position to directly elect anyone they were stunned. They could not believe that in all actuality their votes did not count.

One girl even went so far as to say " So.. its not an actual school?" HA HA HA!! That is the funniest thing that I ever heard in my life.

I am against the electoral college, I think that the popular vote should be the only vote that decides who the president should be, but then again after speaking with these individuals maybe the founding fathers had a point. I personally do not trust any of these people to make an informed decision when they vote. The only reason they know the names of the two candidates is because of the constant propaganda that is being thrown into their faces. They don’t know the issues, they don’t know the positions, and basically it comes down to the fact that half of Americas vote based solely on a gut feeling or who they “like” better. Not any actual values, promises, or campaign platforms.

Its ridiculous. My motto as of late has been inform.educate.vote This has never had more meaning than it does today.

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