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I fucking hate facebook, but I don’t have the balls to delete it because then I would truly feel alone. It is the most nonsensical thing to hit this earth since pet rocks, and still we are all so obsessed and even addicted to it. Instead of calling your best friend and telling them about what a wonderful time you had in New Jersey, you post it as a facebook status, and wait lustfully for comments and thumbs up.

But what if those comments never come, what if you spend the rest of your life waiting for someone to comment on your status and they never do. Nobody cares about you, and they stop commenting. if no one comments then what is the point of telling people your opinion about life, what is the point of living. I wonder how many facebook related suicides there have been.

Facebook used to be a niche community where like-minded people who go to the same institution could meet up to collaborate on their group project for history class, and it has turned into a world wide orgy in which people display their lives whorishly. Only the good parts though. No one ever displays the bad parts. No one will ever tell you the truth, and no one can control what other people write on their walls. Its so innocent, its just a website, its just a pound sign smiley face cluster fuck, but it never ends. We are all trapped in this cycle of comments, as if its our last words and we must make them count, but don’t say to much because people lose interest after the first 100 words. For example no one has even read down to here, and probably never will. If you are reading this… you are the exception.

Its time we free ourselves, and granted I am “blogging” but I don’t do it for attention, in fact I am talking to myself and if I ever became the “blog of note” I would immediately delete my blog and start a new one… because I don’t want anyone to pry into my life and demand a stroke of brilliance five times a week. I don’t want people clicking ads about saving money on car insurance so they can feed my grubby little bank account one click and .03 cents at a time. I don’t want any of that. I just want to hide right here in hopes that no one will ever find out that I have thoughts of my own.

Genius does not occur because 100,000 people have viewed your profile. It happens by accident, and no one ever gets around to reading most of it.

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