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We recently had a discussion in class about how various situations in life do not correlate with happiness. For example studies done have shown that being wealthy does not mean that you are happy. We all have heard the saying “money cannot buy you happiness” which I believe is true. Money can buy you a lot of things, it can buy you toys that bring you “joy” and it can buy you hookers which bring you “pleasure” but there is no way that you can buy happiness. This however is not the point of this particular post.

I have an idea that I came up with, it makes a lot of sense in my mind and it would be nice to see what it looked like written down. What if we are not meant to be happy? What if it is unnatural to be happy, what if happiness is not a state that we stay in for very long but rather a deviation from the norm. Depression on the other hand is also a spike, only in the negative direction. People who are depressed have a variety of factors that push them in that direction and the same applies for happiness.

You are able to reach your peak of happiness if your day starts off on the right foot and several things occur in a short sequence to brighten your mood, and the same can go for a depressing day. We almost get a clean slate each day that we awake from our sleep in which we are able to paint a brand new picture of our lives. The key to maintain a happy spike is allowing yourself to get a clean slate in the morning and now dragging all of the negative things that have happened in the past day after day into your future.

Tomorrow morning when you wake up - imagine that you are at point (0) not happy, and not sad, just neutral - let the rest of the day decide weather or not you are going to have a good one or a bad one, and forget about everything that has happened up until this point - both good and bad. If you reminisce on the bad points it will make you angry , and if you reminisce on the good points that are potentially bad today - it will make you sad or upset so forget about them. Only focus on what is going on right now and how you are able to shape the rest of your day.

This is the only way to get yourself in or out of depression. Each day is a new start, and new sheet of paper, a new blog post, a new profile picture, a new cup of coffee, a new haircut, a new chance to start again and make it right this time. Living in the past will force you to miss out on the present and fuck up your future - so don’t do it. Its that simple. Its not just simply bottling up all of your emotions and having a breakdown somewhere down the line , its allowing your body to heal itself the way that it was designed too. Sleep is made to clear your body and your mind of all the things that occurred in the prior day - you have to allow your mind and body to be cleared. It is up to you.

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