Hello World, Again

I’ve spent the last few years treating my blog posts like the children of a divorced couple who live on opposite ends of the world. I move them all every few months from platform to platform looking for a better home. From Blogger to WordPress. From WordPress to Jekyll. From Jekyll to WordPress. From WordPress to a custom site I built for no great reason. From the custom site I built for no great reason back to WordPress. Back to Jekyll.

Sometimes the writing gets better with age, like a stinky cheese. Other times I need to cut off the mold when it gets too crusty. This time I am moving back to WordPress and will try to stick with it.

I am also going to try to focus more on writing about what I have to say to the world and less on attempting to create a bespoke random supplemental software documentation repository. I think it would be better to contribute to the official documentation for a project when I run across a problem that is confusing or needs further explanation. For anyone who read this blog for those random nuggets, I am sorry.

2020 has caused all of us to look at things from a different perspective. Here’s to fresh starts.