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The main reason why I absolutely cannot stand buying a new computer with Windows preinstalled is because it comes pre loaded with so much garbage that it causes your computer to run very slowly, it is bloated, predatory, useless software. This is where I use the term obese.

Obesity is not just a problem in American kids - it is also a problem with corporate American software.

If I spent my hard earned money to purchase a new computer, I should not have to be bombarded with all of this useless garbage software. It is absolutely ridiculous. I assume the main reasons why manufacturers preload this garbage is to bring in some more advertising money - but why aren’t consumers doing something about this? You cannot tell me that you enjoy being bothered to activate Norton every time your computer turns on, or being asked to register to play all of those stupid games. Among other things.

New computers should have a fresh clean copy of windows installed. Period. This is the main reason why the majority of the time before I turn any new computer on I insert a Linux CD/USB and erase the whole entire windows partition and upgrade to Linux.

The only reason why I am using windows right now is because some of the textbooks that I bought for course smart only run on Windows and Mac. So I have no choice. But after working in a Linux environment for so long, I almost feel sorry for windows users who have to put up with this garbage on a daily basis. It is sad really.

I suppose the majority does not know any better - they have not seen the light. It is no my mission in life to show everyone.

Just as soon as I build hacks for things like netflix, and coursesmart software, and DRM overrides - then there will no longer be a reason to use this pathetic excuse for an operating system. :)

I know I am ranting and sounding like a child, but there are fundamental flaws with this corporate marketing advertising software model that Microsoft is employing, it makes me sick to my stomach and I look forward to a day where MS files for bankruptcy and people finally understand the benefits of Freeing their software. I am not just talking about money either.

People who develop software work hard as hell and they deserve to get paid. If Linux cost money I would pay for it, I would pay more than I paid for this useless microsoft license. That is the real lesson to take away from this whole situation. I do not use linux because its free, I use it because it is a better operating system. Bottom Line.

Next time you download a piece of open source software that you will be using to replace proprietary software such as Libre Office – MS word, GIMP – photoshop, Bluefish – Dreamweaver. Do everyone in this world a favor and donate HALF of what you would have spent on the MS software to the developers of these SUPERIOR programs. You will not only help develop even better software, you will show Microsoft that they need to seriously reconsider their business plan if they want to compete with the open source movement.

The old Unix slogan really applies today - Live Free Or Die.

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