I Shared Braindump With the World

Yesterday I wrote about my new app called braindump that I have been working on. Today I added a couple new features and decided to share it on Hacker News. I was only expecting a few people to check it out, and I have been thrilled with the response and feedback.

  • 259 Stars on GitHub
  • 89 Points on HN
  • 192 New users on braindump.pw
  • Front Page!

Thank you to everyone who checked out braindump and provided some great feedback. I am going to take all of the feedback that I have received so far and keep it in mind as I continue to develop this app. I am planning on adding a bunch of great new features as well as begin working on an API to make braindump the “notes platform” that it is promised to be rather than just another note app.

This is my first “real” project, and also my first time sharing a project like this on HN. In hindsight I probably could have waited a bit to share it with the whole world since it is still in the early stages of development. However, I could not be happier with the response. Thank you to everyone who looked at it, I hope you will continue to use my little app and provide feedback.

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