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Update 1/13/2024: This post is about an old blog from Blogger that was called the thoughts bubble.

I wanted this to be called Thought Bubble. But someone took it.

Then I tried The Thought Bubble , someone took that as well.

Its not fair because the first one has not been written in since the year 2000, and the second one was removed. Yet I am still unable to utilize those URL’s.

I believe that they should archive blogs that have not been active for 9 years. I mean seriously, what are the odds of that person to come out of the blue and return to blogging.

Lastly, I settled for The Thoughts Bubble. Kind of ironic, this blog is supposed to be the pallet on which I am going to place my artwork. The art being writing, and the title itself makes no sense and is more than likely grammatically incorrect.

That is a metaphor for life.

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