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“Illegal immigration is a serious problem in our nation. One of the main problems with illegal immigrants is that they come to our country and work but avoid taxes and then send their money back to Mexico. “

That was a recent comment made by a student in my government class. That is almost as bad as “Hey, you! This is America we Speak American Here! ” - Typical Redneck

I do admit that uncontrolled illegal immigration is a problem in this country. But the way that we are going about solving it, and the way that half of this ignorant country views the solution is ridiculous.

First of all, not all illegal immigrants are mexican. AND not all mexicans or hispanic people are illegal immigrants. That is what people don’t understand, there is more racial profiling going on with hispanic people than any other race in this country. It is ridiculous.

A lot of people who are born here take it for granted. They truly don’t understand how difficult it can be in other countries, and how difficult it is to move to this one. “Why don’t they just follow the rules like everyone else.” Well the answer is because following the rules includes spending thousands of dollars that they obviously don’t have, and waiting for years just to get approved to come here.

Maybe if the immigration process was not for profit. Than the immigration issue would not be that big of a deal. I honestly cant believe that it takes thousands of dollars to get a paper reviewed, where is all this money going?

In America we speak English, not american.

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