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What is better than Free music? GOOD FREE MUSIC.

I recently upgraded to the latest version of Ubuntu which came out in late april, and it is great. I usually get rid of Rhythmbox (which is the default music player) and go with Amarok but this time I decided to keep it, and I am glad that I did.

This new flavor of Ubuntu offers a couple new things when it comes to music. The Ubuntu One music store is a new music store, when you download the songs they automatically go into your cloud and appear on all of your computers which is pretty neat. The prices are comparable with itunes, and proceeds go to save the Lynx!

But something else that I discovered , which has actually been around for a while, is Jamendo. Thousands of royalty free songs for your liking. It is a whole new philosophy toward music. Basically you can download and listen to all of the songs for free, they are distributed under a creative commons license. And if you really like the songs you can make a donation to the artist. I suppose its like e-street musicians where you throw money in their virtual cup.

Check it out because I am jammin right now, and there are tons of great songs! So far my favorite is Crazy as, by Jule Andrew, and Ophelias Song by mussetta.

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