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I’ve heard about the term POSSE but I’ve recently been inspired by a Tom’s new project that led me down a bit of a rabbit hole to this wonderful guide on how to leave social media.

That site is full of so many amazing things that I had never hard of including a full classic myspace clone that threw me into a nostalgia hole for a few hours.

The last stop on my most recent trip down the rabbit hole was this concept of POSSE. Since I kickstarted this blog a few months ago I slowly started to import all of the old posts that I had from my original blogger blog. This was 2007 at the dawn of Twitter. Back then my blog was my main tunnel to the rest of the world and I blogged like I was tweeting. Short bursts, several times a day. Probably way too much.

I kind of want to get back to that as I continue to cultivate this little digital garden, so I plan to spend a bit more time here and a lot less time elsewhere.

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