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This year has been tough for my family. A few months after my grandmother in Ukraine passed away, I’m sad to say that my grandfather passed away as well on April 26th, 2024. He was 91 years old and died surrounded by his children and grandchildren at the University of Cincinnati Hospital.

me and my grandpa playing chess with my grandmother in the background
Лазарь Львович Лазинский, 11/26/1932 - 04/26/2024

Both of my parents worked a ton when I was growing up so I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. My grandpa taught me everything.

Some of my earliest memories are going to his room in our apartment in Baku with a huge pile of books for him to read for me. When we reunited in Cincinnati in 1994, he helped me continue my love of books and reading by taking me to the library every single day. He helped ignite a spark of curiosity and thirst for knowledge that continues to this day.

He taught me how to play chess (on the same exact chess board shown above),
how to swim at the JCC, how to kick a soccer ball in various empty lots around Roselawn and he even taught me how to ride a bike in the alley behind his apartment.

Instead of using training wheels, he tied a belt around my torso and ran behind me as I pedaled to provide balance. Eventually he let go and I was able to ride solo. He did all of this after the age of 60.

He showed all of us the importance of family and the beauty and joy that comes when you find someone to share your life with. He was married to my grandmother for 72 years. He was at his best when he was helping others, playing his accordion, or telling a joke. This is how I’ll always remember him.

He taught me so much. I hope I’ll be able to live life as fully, selflessly, and with as much joy and laughter as him. Thank you for everything you taught me, I’ll miss you dearly.

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