Long Awaited Healthcare Plan finally unveiled - No Public Option

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It is about time that they finally release the bill to the public. We have been waiting months to get the nitty gritty on how much it is going to cost, how it is going to work, and what we can expect in the future.


I am glad that progress is being made and that they are not just sitting on this, but I regret to inform you that they did in fact cut out the public option. Opponents claim that it would place an unfair advantage against the private insurance companies, and right-wing radicals are claiming that it is socialism.

I guess the tea party worked after all.

I am not happy with this because people do not realize that this is not a democratic or republican issue, it is a people’s issue. Everyone is effected and the ones on the bottom of the totem pole are the ones that truly suffer. I feel sorry for those that are unable to afford insurance and are now unable to take advantage of a government plan due to some ridiculous myth that the country is becoming a socialist nation.

Hopefully the reform will work to help these people regardless of the public option. I hope that one day this country will have a true Universal Comprehensive Health Care system in which everyone gets equal access to the latest technology, treatments, and therapies. Until then, millions of people are going to continue to suffer and die because they do not have access to proper medical care. I refuse to work for this system until that happens.

As some of you know I have dreams to become a doctor. Not to drive a BMW, or have a mansion, or make six figures. I want to do it to help people, to practice medicine, to make a difference. I refuse to work for a system in which I have to decide weather or not someone is going to live or die based on their insurance coverage rather than their medical need.

I will continue to work for the military and if by the time I retire there is still no universal health care. I will do doctors without borders or move to a country where they believe that their citizens are their biggest assets and they can contribute to society much greater if they are healthy.

I hope this makes a dent on our ailing system, but I am not happy with the outcome. Thank you conservative nutjobs for ruining this for everybody. We all appreciate it.

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