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update 6/2/2024: this is from an extremely old blog that I wrote three posts on as I migrated from Xanga to Blogger and beyond. All of Xanga is lost, most of Blogger is also lost, but I’m happy to be able to find a couple of these little posts from my high school days.



“The Good Life " By: David Matzko McCarthy (This book is Genuine Christianity for the middle class. I usually don’t read these kinds of books because i feel like a lot of times they are very close minded. Pop Christianity is not my thing. But i do enjoy reading all types of different things so i am giving it a shot. Surprisingly so far its not that bad. Hopefully the theme will continue throughout the book)

Listening To:

Basket Case by: Green Day (Well Technically, The sound of the blender making a smoothie at sitwells, but i wanted to have an actual song for this portion of my blog, so i put my iPod on shuffle and this is the first song that it played.)

Last Movie I SAW:

I <3 Huckabees (What an awesome movie. This movie is really deep, and funny. It talks a lot about life. It has a lot of important life lessons that it presents to the viewer in interesting ways. I admit that it got pretty old in the middle of it, but then again i kept on being distracted by my older brother, so that could have also been the case.)

So today i stayed home from school, because i didnt feel well, and i am tired. This year was probably the laziest year of my life. Most students are able to say how many days they have missed in a year. I can not even remember how many days i missed this quarter. I need to fix that, most of the time there isnt really any excuse to miss school, but i just do it because i can. Laziness at its finest. Anyway, i went to the doctor because i didnt feel well all week and it turns out that i have seasonal allergies. How great! I have never had them before but when i got sick all of a sudden i had a hunch that allergies were the culprit and i was right. When i got home from the doctor, i just ate a bunch and watched a movie. It was fun. Then i washed my car and took a shower. Not a very eventful day. I went out and got a haircut, i was worried i thought that they would mess it up. She did a good job i guess its ok. Haircuts just never end up as good as i want them to. Oh well.. I will live Now i am sitting at Sitwells and i should be working on my school work. Or whatever is left of it. Instead i am browsing online. High speed internet is a rarity these days, ever since i got rid of roadrunner so its fun to just be online browsing. Not a very eventful day, at least nothing bad happened and thats always a good thing.

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