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National HIV Testing Day

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Today is National HIV Testing Day. Getting tested on a yearly basis (if you are sexually active) Is one of the most important things that you can do. In order to protect yourself and protect those that you love. You just never know these days. HIV is a terrible illness that effects many people around the world. But there is no reason why we should live ignorance. 1 in 5 americans do not even know that they have HIV and they are going around oblivious and not able to take charge and take steps to protect their health.

This is not 1980’s. HIV is no longer a death sentence. There are medications and therapies available that make it possible to live with HIV. But you can not take advantage of this if you do not know your status! So get tested!

Another important thing to remember is that people who work in the medical field (like myself) in any capacity are possibly exposed to HIV and other diseases on a daily basis. It is easy to get complacent and not report needle sticks or blood splashes etc.. working on a ward it is very common to get body fluids all over yourself and not even think anything about it. So it is vitally important for healthcare workers to also get tested. For the safety of them and their patients.

Act Up! Fight Aids! :)

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