Oh, the whole windows rant? It gets better

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Wow, so two windows rants in one day. Here we go.

I cannot believe, I Cannot Believe, I CANNOT FUCKING BELIEVE…

That Windows 7 Starter for Netbook does not allow you to change the desktop background. Yes, I said it correctly, I am not dreaming, YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR DESKTOP BACKGROUND.

So What? Big Deal? Who Cares?

You have a point, its not the end of the world. But would you agree with me that it is FUCKING STUPID?

See this is the problem with windows, in order to have the honor of changing YOUR desktop background you have to “upgrade” to the Basic Version of Windows 7, and then if you want to have sound on your computer you need to upgrade to “Professional” and if you want to use a printer you need to get Ultimate.


Who in the world thought that this was a good idea, what are all these garbage commercials about how windows makes it do it your way, and how windows 7 helps make it happen. All I wanted to do was change my desktop background. A fundamentally easy, simple, brainless, thoughtless customization feature that according to Microsoft I am unable to have because I didn’t “upgrade” to their other crappy version of this same crappy operating system.

Well Microsoft I have news for you.

To Whom This May Concern:

I am just a single person, who is unable to make an impact in your disgusting corporation. I understand the limitations of grassroots philosophy, and also understand that no one will probably ever read this. But, that is not the purpose.

I make a vow right here and now that I will never touch, use, recommend, or go near a Microsoft computer or piece of software ever again for as long as I live.

You are the most brainless, stupid, disgusting, greedy, and flawed corporation to ever step foot on this earth and I will dance on your grave the day you file for bankruptcy. I have spent the last several years in a passive resistance to your garbage software, simply choosing not to use it.

The passive peaceful protest is over. This is now a revolution, and I will do everything in my power to make sure that I can get as many other people to feel the same way that I do about your disgusting, pathetic excuse for software.



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