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A friend of mine filled out his absentee ballot for the state of Michigan today. For a while now I have been trying my hardest to campaign for Cynthia McKinney and raise awareness for the green party. Many people seemed interested, many people are tired of this endless cycle of Dems and Republicans. But at the same time many people continuously stated that she stood no chance in winning, and that they did not want to waste their vote. My argument was that the point of this election is not necessarily to win but to get more than 5 % of the vote so that we stand a better chance during the next election. That way all americans will be aware of the green party and be able to make an informed decision, not be forced to choose between the Democrats and Republicans.

Well my friend came over to me today and said “You will be happy to know, that after doing some thinking I voted for Cynthia McKinney. She represents my views better and will be the change that we need for this country!”

I was ecstatic. I can be pretty influential but never in my life did I think that I could convince someone for who to vote for. He would never have known who she was if it was not for me. Thats the sad truth in this country. The reason why McKinney will not get a lot of votes this election is simply due to the fact that most americans don’t even know that she is running! This gives me lots of hope. If I can convince 10 people to vote for her and then they convince ten more people then we will have a pyramid effect and possibly even have a chance to win this one! This is the only pyramid scheme that I approve of.

This is what grassroots democracy is all about and it feels great. Try it out yourself at work. You will notice that most people are truly undecided. They want to vote for Obama but then again they don’t know, this is a crucial time in this election and we have to fight hard if we want to stand a chance to get that 5%.

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