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Yes, more hippie FSF propaganda, but what can I say - I can’t get enough of it. Check out this movie!

You see here is the thing, I have never been a very math centered student, I did well in all of my math classes but I never really understood the root of it. I was more of the history, philosophy, literature buff - those things made sense, those things were romantic and made life worthwhile. So that is one of the biggest challenges that I am going to be facing in the coming years. But the reason why I want to endure this and truly understand mathematics - and computer science as a derivative, is because I want to make a difference in the world and contribute something new and useful.

The Free Software Foundation, GNU, Linux, and Open source bring out the romantic and philosophical aspects of computing that are often disregarded by the rest of the IT world. See - I do not see computing as a way to make money, I do not want to develop software and hardware in order to satisfy my share holders or make a profit - I want to do it to solve a problem, make a difference, and allow each person to have access to technology regardless of their socioeconomic status, hardware capabilities, etc.

Patents, Proprietary software, and the whole idea of computer technology as a business model truly ruin all of those goals. So I refuse to take a part in it.

Yes, I sound like a red hot hippie socialist and I could care less. :)

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