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Pay per GB?

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I think this is unreasonable.

Internet is still expensive in my book and I think that charging someone based on how much they use will not only stifle innovation like the article says but also create an even further digital divide than we have now.

I think its ridiculous. I find it hard to believe that companies are loosing money based on how much internet their customers use. They should take a small share of their profits and buy a bigger server or something. Its just simply ridiculous to charge someone 200 dollars a month because they spend too much time watching movies online.

I know for a fact that if this ever happened to my ISP I would continue to move away from them until i found a company that was not motivated by pure greed. Because honestly this is all that this is folks. Time Warner sees an opportunity to make a whole lot more money and they jumping on it like scavengers on a dead carcass.

In these tough economic times they are willing to strip away what little joy some people have in their lives (i.e. watching movies and listening to music online ) in order to make an extra buck.

For example, my grandfather recently discovered the wonders of broadband. After years of being in the dark with dial up I finally convinced him to switch over since broadband and DSL has become relatively affordable. Now you can not get him off of his computer. He is able to watch videos or russian and jewish music, movies, television, and listen to music that otherwise he would never be able to find. The internet has opened up a whole new world for him and i know that he probably uses more bandwidth than I do! But I also know for a fact that if his provided began to charge him by the GB then he would be out of luck and unable to enjoy many of the things that he does now thanks to the internet.

We can not stand by and let this occur. We have to fight for fair computing and reasonable access to all. If this truly happens and becomes a trend in this country I think that it would be a huge step back instead of moving forward in a good direction.

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