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During my last semester of college I took two classes. One was advanced expository and research writing and the other was ethics in information technology. Both classes focused a lot on plagiarism. There were some points in the class where I felt like the class was actually about plagiarism. I have heard stories about how you can go online and go to a research paper farm and for a small fee get an “A” paper without doing any work.

I was very surprised today to find ads on Craigslist that blatantly advertised plagiarism.

Its just so shocking to me that this is happened. At least they could have been a little bit more discreet about it. This is like someone standing outside a busy intersection with a sign saying “CHEAT ON YOUR TAXES! LET ME HELP YOU!” It’s ridiculous. One of the ads actually said something along the lines of.. " Are you working on your degree but don’t feel like doing any of the writing, reading, or research? I can help you! " Isn’t the majority of college just that? Reading, writing, and research? Who do these people think they are fooling?

I believe that anyone who would actually use such a service is only cheating themselves. I know that there are times in college where I feel like I do not want to do any more work, and am sick of constantly reading and writing, but I do not think that I would ever resort to something like this.

I would love to hear some opinions and thoughts about this issue!


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