Poem from Dad for Grandma Valya

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My dad wrote this poem in Russian when my Grandma passed away and shared it with me. I’ve translated it to English and publishing it here.

Ушла из жизни человечная душа
И как бы я хотел
Быть рядом, когда мама умерла.
Она любила жизнь свою
Друзей любила и семью.
Была внимательна, чутка,
Была заботлива, добра.
Старалась каждому приятное сказать
Или стихи на день рождения послать…
…её мне будет не хватать.

A person’s soul has left this life
And how I wish
To have been near when my mother died.
She loved her life
She loved her friends and family.
She was attentive, sensitive,
She was caring and kind.
She always tried to say only nice things
Or send a poem for your birthday …
… I will miss her.

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