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I am starting a second job today. shhh dont tell anyone.

It is going to help make some ends meet, and this gig is only going on for the next two months. Although it is going to have a negative impact on my relationship in the short run, it is going to have a positive impact on it in the long run when we are not sleeping on piss stained used mattresses and/or eating ramen noodles four times a week.

I think my father taught me that. He does not have a very extravagant lifestyle, but he worked his ass off to support us. This may be the first time in my life that I am following in his footsteps in a way and making a decision to do something that will not benefit JUST ME. I think that may be my favorite part about being in a relationship, your ability to do selfless acts and think about others before yourselves sometimes.

I am a pretty caring person most of the time, but I truly see it day in and day out when I sit around at night and reflect on life. Your “other half” is able to bring out some of the worst and best qualities in you. My goal is to consistently allow him to bring out the best. :)

Anyway, the job is going to be valet parking outside the Holiday Inn Express oceanfront. I am really excited because its a nice area, the view is phenomenal, and the guests are happy. (Most of the time) I mean honestly do people really go on vacation in a bad mood? Lol

Even if they are in a bad mood, my job is to not only park their car but also make their day better. I am pretty good at doing both so I am looking forward to this opportunity. I start today at 5 O’clock. Will be working every weekend till october. Goodbye Social life!

When I told my mother that I got a job parking cars she said something that was very cute. A very mom kind of thing to say. " Be careful with strangers cars!" got to love her. :)

wish me luck!

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