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Quit Meter Day 1

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I looked down at my quit meter and realized that I have successfully surpassed the 24 hour threshold. They say that the first 72 hours are the worst. After that is all a mind game. Then in two weeks most of the physical toxins should be out of your body and that is when the true test begins.

When you first quit you are motivated, excited, inspired and determined. As the days go by that determination slowly dwindles away and you are left with an empty feeling in your stomach wishing that you could have “just one more” this does not get any better from my experience. I will never truly know If I succeeded in quitting.

In my mind a person does not truly “quit” unless they never smoke until the day they die. I will not know if I never smoked because I will be dead. So I am asking you a favor. If you come to my funeral can you just tell everyone that I never smoked again since June 25, 2009. :) I appreciate it.

In my experience however the first month or so is okay, and then it seems that every day its just a pounding sensation it eats you from the inside out and you are consumed by the thought of just one cigarette. And the sad part is, if you do go ahead and smoke it. It will taste like nothing you have ever had before. it will remind you why you started smoking in the first place. The first smoke after a nice long “quit.” is always the best. And the rest of the pack sucks ass.

I guess that is what I will have to remember whenever I think about picking it up again. I will just think to myself the rest of the pack is going to taste really bad. Its not worth it. Hopefully this positive attitude will allow me to succeed this time.

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