R1D27 More C

Thanks to the wonderful people at the freeCodeCamp forums  I was able to finally get my C program to work. I was able to keep moving along through K&R but did not quite finish up the first chapter yet.

The book is great so far, and unlike most programming books these days its written more like a textbook where it comes with exercises at the end of each section where it tests what you learned in the previous section.

The problem set is not trivial (at least not to me) and really tests your ability to connect the basics of what you learn in one section to a more complex situation. This is similar to how math is taught I think, and just like math when you have to show up and solve a slightly different problem than the one that your teacher showed you on the board your brain starts to hurt.

I want to get through at least the first chapter (including the problem sets) by the end of tomorrow.

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