R1D29 Becoming a Trailblazer

I finally threw away everything I thought I knew about SalesForce and began exploring the trailhead training program.

I began this yesterday, and ran into a couple of hiccups because for someone new to the platfrom it is a bit complex to get things started. (what is a sandbox, am I about to mess up prodcution data, I thought APEX was an oracle thing?)

However, after I was able to get my environment set up, and went through some quickstarts of the force.com IDE things finally began to make sense. Overall my take on Trailhead is:

  1. This is probably the best training platform ever created by a company.
  2. SalesForce is *so* powerful.
  3. I sent myself an email and it was fun.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 9.37.50 PM.png

They also make learning fun with their points and badge system, and they make testing out your code fairly simple with the trailhead development environments.

I am a freshly minted Scout on my way to become a Hiker and apparently I earned 1600 points today.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 11.21.23 PM.png

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