R1D30 SalesForce Explorer

For Day 30 I kept going on my SalesForce kick and worked through some more of the trailhead modules. I am happy to report that I have achieved the rank of Explorer.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 10.40.49 AM.png

I’m really impressed by the Apex ecosystem and tooling. I went through some trainings on the basics of the differences between the various things that you can do in SalesForce development.

  • Apex – Java like code that you can do pretty much anything with.
  • Lightning – Reusable components (like react) that help you make stuff in the UI
  • VisualForce – ColdFusion? like development that lets you create entire pages within salesforce.

Other things worth noting are

  • Formulas – excel like functions that let you do calculations and validation
  • Process Builder – an amazing tool that lets you create complex business process workflows.

I love the way that you can choose to either do everything from scratch or leverage a combination of some of the pointy clicky tools with custom code. The sky is the limit.

The most impressive thing for me is how much importance SalesForce places on the testing process. For example, without 75% code coverage of your custom Apex classes you cannot ship a module to production. I assume that a lot of peoples first development experiences come from poking around into some of the more advanced functions of SalesForce. This test driven approach is a great best practice and instills good values into people who do not come from a “traditional” development background.

I hope to wrap up the beginning developer trail on Trailhead this week so I can start solving some of the real world problems that we are currently facing.

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