R1D42 levops

As I approach the midpoint of my 100 Days of Code journey, I realize that I have spent a whole lot of time learning and not as much time as I would like actually making things.

Naturally, I am going to add to my long list of unfinished projects by creating a meta project called levops. This will be a collection of hacky dev tools that I find useful and hope others do as well.

I started working on a couple of things today.

  1. Wheater — Webhook Eater? It is basically this blog post as a service.
  2. Crass — Cron as a Service; this is already a bit more complex than I would have liked. Should be fun though.
  3. Flask-Boiler — I love Flask. Every time I start a new project I find myself doing the same things over and over again. So I finally made some boilerplate that I will use for my projects going forward. Its very opinionated, but check it out if you are curious.

You can see these projects and whatever else I come up with in the levops org on GitHub.

I also started a site to keep track of all these things over here: https://levops.net/


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