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Just in time for my #100DaysOfCode journey I picked up the Mobile App Development Bundle from Humble Bundle. This includes way too many books about Android, iOS, Xamarin and React Native development along with some videos for the visual learners out there.

I spent most of my time today starting off with Mastering React Native and slowly made my way through the first few chapters which provided a whirlwind tour of React.

I’ve dabbled with React in the past but never stuck to it. The technology and approach is super interesting. The hardest barrier to overcome for me while learning React and most other javascript frameworks is that they are solving problems that I don’t yet have.

In modern web applications, the DOM can become very slow. It is difficult to face this slowness when you are making trivial CRUD apps like I have been for most of my development career.

“The solution proposed by the React framework is to keep a representation of the DOM in memory, called a virtual DOM, and make all alterations there. Once the alterations have been made in memory, React can apply the minimum number of changes necessary to reconcile the real DOM with the virtual DOM.”
Excerpt From: “Mastering React Native.” iBooks.
I’m looking forward to working through this book with an open mind and learning more about React.

If you have any interest whatsoever in mobile development I highly recommend picking up this bundle because you can always save these books and videos as a reference for future use.

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